Vigilant.IT rewarded another Microsoft MVP – 2 in as many cycles!


It has been a while since I have posted on this forum and what better way to kick it (and myself) back into gear than to announce a massive achievement for our company, Vigilant.IT.

Who are MVPs?

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems. MVPs are driven by their passion, community spirit and their quest for knowledge. Above all and in addition to their amazing technical abilities, MVPs are always willing to help others – that’s what sets them apart.

What is the MVP Award?

MVP Award is Microsoft’s way in saying “Thanks!” to the outstanding community leaders. The contributions MVPs make to the community, ranging from speaking engagements, to social media posts, to writing books, to helping others in online communities, have an incredible impact.

Essentially it’s the amount of value they have given the community and enabling companies with the latest Microsoft technologies.

They also have a very close relationship with the local Microsoft teams in their area, who are there to support and empower MVPs to address needs and opportunities in the local ecosystem.

So who in Vigilant.IT are Microsoft MVPs?

Back in July of this year, our in-house developer, guru, and overall legend of a person, Stephane Budo was rewarded with this accolade for his work within the Microsoft Azure space.

At the back end of last week, it was announced that Marc Kean was too rewarded with the Microsoft MVP status with his work within the Azure space.

Not only is Stephane and Marc very knowledgeable in their respective fields, but they are genuine, down to earth human beings who enjoy a good bit of humour amongst their peers. It just shows the versatility of the two, that they have a relatable side outside of the tech world.

These rewards are highly regarded within the IT industry and it is a privilege to be working closely with not only one, but two Microsoft MVPs within the one  company.

For more information on the MVPs and our company, checkout below links!

Stephane Budo MVP – Microsoft Azure

Marc Kean MVP – Microsoft Azure

Marc Kean – Blog

Vigilant.IT – Click to Find Out More


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