Windows 10 sneaks its way onto your PC!

Windows 10 as we are aware will release to selected Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices from Wednesday evening (here in Australia) or Wednesday morning in the States (and everywhere else that is behind us!).

Normally for me, I’d already have Windows 10 installed on my MacBook when first released to the public (beta edition) but I thought, for this particular release, I’ll wait, be patient and get it like everyone when Microsoft officially release it.

What you’re mostly unaware of (including myself) is that the Windows 10 installation files could already be sitting on your PC quietly tucked away in the following directory;



As my colleagues and I were eagerly anticipating the notification that Windows 10 is ready to run on my MacBook (yes, running bootcamp), we were continuously spamming the ‘Check your upgrade status’ option at the bottom of the task bar (right click Windows icon and select Check your upgrade status);


Unfortunately, we were greeted with the following message every time we checked;


Knowing that Windows 10 isn’t officially available and as well having known that the installation files already exist on my PC, I was always going to give that setup executable a try!

This is how I went;

Looks promising… I hit Install Now button


After a few seconds, I then receive the following message;


I then do a quick search within that directory.. nothing! Obviously the boot.wim file (along with whatever else they’ve decided NOT to download as well) was deliberate, done on purpose to stop people (like myself!) initiating the installation/upgrade of their PCs (prior to the official release date).


There are reports that even though you’ve ‘reserved’ your copy of Windows 10, it could be weeks where you will see the ‘upgrade now’ window appear.

Hopefully for me it won’t be too long and that it will download overnight (at the time of publishing it is 9.30pm on Wednesday 29th of July 2015) – it’s as if it is Christmas Eve and that I’m eagerly anticipating Christmas Day to open my presents (in this case, Windows 10 release).

We’ll see how it goes when I get up tomorrow morning!

Wish me luck!


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